Solar Professionals That Care

Solar Repair and Maintenance

All your solar needs in one place

We’re a team of highly dedicated solar specialists whose main focus is helping homeowner’s who’ve gone solar make sure they get the most out of their solar decision. We applaud those homeowner’s who’ve made the switch and we are dedicated to making sure your system works to capacity and meets your expectations for decades to come.

System Repair

Are your panels or inverter broken? Maybe you’re not sure?

Solar Roof Leak Repair

Did you get solar and now your roof is leaking? Your roofer can’t touch the solar panels?

Panel Washing

Did you know that dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime will reduce your solar power production?

Critter Guard Installation

Are animals living under your panels or running around your roof?

High Electric Bill Audit

Are you paying two bills now? Is your electric bill the same or more than before solar?

Maintenance & Monitoring

Did you know how much your solar is producing? Do you if your solar is even on?

Let Us Help You Out.