Solar panel removal

For roof replacements and

system relocations


Your panel removal experts

Handling a roof replacement with solar panels has never been easier. We've made removing and reinstalling your panels one less thing to worry about.


Panel Removal & Reinstallation

We provide quick and easy removal, storage, and reinstallation of solar panels so that you can focus more on your roof or relocation project. 


Insurance Assistance

Let us navigate your insurance claim to make sure that you receive what you need to address your roofing repair or replacement needs. 


Roofing Coordination

We'll work with your local roofer to make sure that our teams work seamlessly to get your roof project completed quickly and 100% stress free. 


Full Warranty Coverage

Every project comes with our 5 year roof penetration warranty to give you peace of mind regarding our work. We also offer extended solar warranties if your previous installer is no longer in business.

Our 3-Step Process

Our experienced team follows a meticulous process to safely remove your solar panels, including careful disconnection, secure removal, and proper disposal or recycling. Trust us to handle the entire removal process with precision and professionalism.

1. Removal

We start off by verifying production before we take any panels off the roof and taking lots of photos. After solar panel removal, we plug all holes with caulk to ensure there are no roof leaks even if your roof is to be replaced next day.

2. Store

We leave all your equipment on site. Whether you want it all in the garage or along the fence, we stack it up neatly so that you don't have to deal with the clutter. We store all miscellaneous parts in bins, so that everything is sure to be on site and protected from the elements.

3. Reinstall

We send out the same crew to reinstall that recently performed your solar panel removal. They verify production once completed, and we give each customer a job completion report. Plus our 5-year roof penetration warranty.


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