Do not go solar until you have a complete understanding of the best certification, warranties and monitoring!

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Stop Wrestling with Rising Utility Costs and the crushing unpredictability


Want to install a solar panel system so you can finally escape the grip of rising energy prices? In the vast expanse of Texas, homeowners wrestle with the burden of soaring utility bills, each statement a painful reminder of financial strain.

The unrelenting heat of the sun only adds to the pressure, amplifying the need for relief. But transitioning to solar power isn't just about flipping a switch—it's about navigating a labyrinth of considerations.

From understanding how to get tax credits, rebates and incentives to choosing the right panels to financing options and ensuring compliance with local regulations, every step can feel like another hurdle in an uphill battle.

And all the while, the integrity of your property hangs in the balance. We understand the weight of these challenges, and we're here to help you shoulder the load.

Enter The Solar Cowboys. With a deep understanding of homeowner needs, we guide you through every step of the solar journey, from initial consultation to seamless installation.

Opting for solar energy with us means forging a partnership dedicated to your success.

We tailor solutions to fit your lifestyle and needs, prioritizing energy efficiency and savings.

So, take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future—one solar panel at a time. With the Solar Cowboys by your side.

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Claim your free 60-Minute Solar Cowboy Saving Meeting
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Ensure your solar panel system is installed by a Pearl certified contractor

To safeguard your investment and avoid complications.


Pearl certification guarantees adherence to industry standards, enhancing system efficiency and reliability while minimizing risks.

Non-certified contractors may compromise performance, leading to unexpected expenses and jeopardizing your home's energy future.

Choose certification for long-term savings and sustainability, ensuring optimal operation for years to come.

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Claim your free 60-Minute Solar Cowboy Saving Meeting

Fully Integrated

At One Company, Transparency Reigns

What's our deal? It's simple: no solar subcontractors on our watch, partner.

Here at The Solar Cowboys, we take the reins and oversee every aspect of your solar project.

Our Cowboy Code ensures unrivaled transparency, communication, and quality standards in an industry crowded with pretenders.

This fundamental difference empowers us, The Solar Cowboys, to deliver an exceptional solar journey you'll be eager to share with friends and family alike.

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Own your power

Zero down


You heard it straight from the campfire: Solar isn't just about saving the planet; it's also a smart move for your wallet.

For eligible homeowners, we provide zero-out-of-pocket financing.

Your payments will be lower than your current electric bill, and you won't pay a penny for your solar system until it's up, running, and generating your power.

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25 year production guarantee

Peace Of Mind


Paired with our timeline guarantee and in addition to our standard manufacturer equipment warranties, we provide a 25-Year Production Guarantee.

This assurance ensures that if your solar system falls short of the expected energy production each year, we'll issue you a check for the difference.

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Claim your free 60-Minute Solar Cowboy Saving Meeting

Speedy timelines

Top-notch service


Here at Solar Cowboys, we put speed first without compromising on quality.

Our installation process moves swiftly, starting with immediate site surveys and progressing through efficient permitting to timely installations.

Our installation teams are composed of trained, career professionals who take pride in ensuring each project is completed correctly the first time, ensuring a quick and smooth transition to your sustainable energy solution.

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Designed with you in mind

Premium aesthetics


We exclusively utilize premium Tier-1 Black-On-Black modules for our installations.

With The Solar Cowboys, your home will exude a futuristic aesthetic, enhancing curb appeal and potentially attracting buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.

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Battery storage solutions

Keep the lights on


At Solar Cowboys, we understand the critical importance of energy storage in ensuring the stability and resilience of the energy grid.

That's why we take pride in offering premium battery storage solutions.

As the demand for renewable energy continues to rise, battery storage provides a crucial method for storing solar-generated energy to be used during peak hours or at night.

We provide a variety of battery storage options, including SolarEdge, Tesla, and Enphase, to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our customers.

With Solar Cowboys' premium battery storage solutions, our customers can enjoy reliable and cost-effective energy that reduces their carbon footprint while providing stability to the energy grid.

Contact us today to learn more about our battery storage options and how we can help you meet your energy needs.

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24/7 monitoring

Track your usage


Monitor your entire solar system in real-time from anywhere with the Sunnova web application included with your system.

Keep track of your panels' daily, weekly, and monthly energy production indefinitely.

With real-time power flow illustrations, easy-to-read charts, and comparative graphs, you have the ability to monitor your system's performance for the lifetime of the system.

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The Solar Cowboys Other Companies
Pearl Certification
Pearl Certification is a national standard that evaluates and certifies homes for energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. Homes with Pearl Certification typically have higher resale values and attract more buyers due to their improved performance and quality.
In-house operations
Internal Operations: We handle all aspects of your solar project, guaranteeing transparency and quality every step of the way.
No out of pocket cost
Experience solar savings with no upfront expenses. Lower bills, no payments until your system's active.
Sunnova 25-Year Performance
Rest easy knowing your solar investment is backed by Sunnova's production guarantee. If your system underperforms, we've got you covered.
Swift Installations
Fast timelines, exceptional service. Our expert teams ensure a smooth transition to sustainable energy with swift, quality installations.
Tailored Excellence
Your vision, elevated. With premium Tier-1 Black-On-Black modules, we designs for timeless aesthetics, boosting curb appeal and potential resale value.
Premium Batteries
Solar Cowboys provides premium battery storage solutions, including Tesla, and Enphase, ensuring reliable energy when you need it most. Cut carbon emissions, stabilize the grid, and power your needs efficiently.
Real-time Monitoring
Keep tabs on your solar system around the clock. With the Sunnova web app, track daily, weekly, and monthly energy production from anywhere. Stay informed with power flow illustrations, charts, and graphs for lifetime system performance insights.
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You can get solar with confidence because we only use premium solar panel manufacturers.

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The solar cowboy process


Design & Proposal



Our team of solar experts tailors a solar plan just for you.

We provide a detailed proposal, breaking down the costs and benefits, so you know exactly what to expect as we light up your home with solar energy.

Site survey



We conduct a thorough assessment of your property, examining the lay of the land and your roof.

This helps us ensure that your solar installation is optimized, free from shading issues, and tailored to your specific needs. 




We handle the paperwork to secure all the necessary permissions from local authorities.

Our goal is to make the process hassle-free for you, ensuring compliance with regulations and a seamless transition to solar energy.




Our skilled technicians take care of the hands-on work, installing solar panels and connecting the electrical components.

We make sure everything is in place and operating smoothly, transforming your home into a sustainable powerhouse.




Post-installation, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that your solar system meets safety and performance standards.

This is a crucial step to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of your solar setup.

Permission to operate



We facilitate the process of obtaining the Permission to Operate (PTO) for your solar system. This authorization is essential for connecting your solar installation to the grid and officially commencing its operation.

Our team handles all necessary paperwork and coordinates with relevant authorities to ensure a smooth transition to solar energy usage. 


Our Guarantee to you:


Maximize your return on investment with the correct certifications, warranties and processes

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 We offer industry-leading guarantees, certifications, warranties, and processes to ensure your peace of mind:

1. Comprehensive Site Survey:

Our meticulous site survey is crucial. We delve deep to understand the root cause, physically scoping out the panel placement. This step ensures accurate design alignment, enabling precise production estimates and application of our certification and production guarantee.

2. City Blueprint Submission:

Sending the blueprints to the city is paramount for meeting safety standards. Our master electricians and engineers meticulously verify that the site survey matches the blueprints to ensure compliance and validate product warranties.

3. Advanced Monitoring Technology:

We ensure proper monitoring of your system by utilizing equipment that monitors production for 25 years. Our technology from Enphase serves as your monitoring system, providing precise data on your consumption and actual production.

4. Triple Warranty and Third-Party Reports:

You benefit from a triple warranty and access to third-party reports via Green Door to track your system's expected production. Additionally, you receive actionable insights for enhancing your home's efficiency, providing you with a roadmap for improvement. When you're ready to sell, it sets a new gold standard for selling your home.

At The Solar Cowboys, we're committed to delivering top-notch service and ensuring your solar journey is seamless and rewarding.

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