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Knowledge, Programs & Strategies To Save You Money While Embracing Renewable Energy Solutions

 Join us as we ride together towards a brighter, more sustainable future powered by the sun.

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inflation impacts your pocket yearly

Energy inflation poses an annual strain on your budget, affecting your pocket with rising costs.

As energy prices escalate, it becomes crucial to implement strategic measures, such as energy-efficient practices and investments in renewable resources.

This helps to alleviate the financial burden and enhance overall financial resilience.



Let me be direct with you.

It doesn't need to affect your pocket anymore.

Now you can... 

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Gain control and predictability every month.

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Ceritfy your property to increase it's value.

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Save money immediately from month one.

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Lower your energy consumption.

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Make your property more energy-effcient.

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Reallocate your hard-earned money towards something more enjoyable, like feeling sand between your toes.

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whatever it is for you, it all starts by choosing one of our services below...

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Residential Solar

Experience effortless residential solar installations with our managed and done-for-you services tailored specifically for homeowners. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to accelerate your transition to solar energy.

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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstallaiton

 Whether you're upgrading your system or relocating, we specialize in managing the entire process for you. Trust us to handle the complexities of detach, reattach, and installation.

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Battery, Generator & EV Charger Installation

Experience seamless installation of batteries, generators, and EV chargers with our expert services. Trust us to handle the process, ensuring a smooth transition to sustainable energy sources for your home or business.

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the solar cowboys

We stand as a premier solar installation company, spearheaded by a master electrician with a passion for sustainable energy solutions. Founded to transform homes into self-sufficient power centers, our focus lies in residential installations, encompassing detach, reattach, and add-on services such as batteries, EV chargers, and generators.

With a deep understanding of electrical systems and renewable energy, our founder brings unparalleled expertise to every project. We specialize in tailoring precise installations to meet the unique needs of each home, whether through rooftop arrays or ground-mounted systems.

Beyond our installations, we are dedicated to providing opportunities to improve lives through renewable energy solutions. Join us as we embark on a journey towards a greener future, one solar panel at a time. With Solar Cowboys, your path to energy independence begins today.

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