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We are a Texas-based, transparent, vertically integrated (EPC) serving the entire regions of Texas and Oklahoma. Our commitment to transparency ensures clarity in our operations. We consistently deliver projects punctually, adhering to certified standards that assure timely payments for every project completed.


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Transparency, Communication and Support


Stay informed every step of the way, Know exactly where your projects are at all times.

We provide access to our CRM so that you can see and clearly understand each and every project's progression. You'll also have a designated sales project manager that you will meet with once a week to ensure that all your projects are moving forward.

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Understand the timelines of your commission payouts

Our free payroll management services for you. Our sophisticated software management system streamlines commission payouts effortlessly for our partners.

Count on our robust platform to meticulously track sales, monitor commissions, and guarantee punctual payments, fostering transparency and trust in our collaboration.

During your weekly meetings, we'll dive into commission payouts, and our platform will provide precise insights into funding timelines or any discrepancies for enhanced clarity.


Accelerate your growth with our Solar Mastery Hub

At Solar Mastery Hub, our dedication is to empower our partners with indispensable knowledge and skills crucial for success. Under the guidance of a committed solar sales director, our extensive training program encompasses technical proficiency, sales expertise, and strategic weekly support.

In our weekly sessions, we explore a range of topics, including product updates, sales strategies, and best practices in customer service. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we kindly request 10-15 minutes of your time to complete a survey. This will help us better understand your organization and its needs, enabling us to elevate our partnership to new heights.

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What to expect from an installation standpoint


Our commitment clearly defined in our Service Level Agreements

That will give you peace of mind and transparency every step of the way with an installation guideline that gives you specific timeframes for all major steps of the installation process.

We prioritize quick and efficient installation times, recognizing that time is of the essence in our industry. Our streamlined processes and experienced technicians ensure that installations are completed promptly, minimizing downtime for both you and your clients.


wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Welcome Call    wepik-export-2024021418310859TtInstall Scheduled

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Site Survey        wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Install  Complete

wepik-export-2024021418310859TtFinance Review  wepik-export-2024021418310859TtElectrical work 

wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Design Review  wepik-export-2024021418310859Tt Inspection

wepik-export-2024021418310859TtPermit Submittedwepik-export-2024021418310859Tt PTO Granted

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Competitive pricing, don't get nickled and dimed. 

How many times do you have to deal with EPC’s that charge you ridiculous and crazy adders?

We don't have any…

except for the one required by the client or the city.

Redlines are determined by the amount of deals you do a month.


Comprehensive Homeowner Options.

Our array of homeowner solutions encompasses a broad spectrum, including traditional homeownership, solar ownership, leasing options, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). From selecting products to customizing solar solutions and exploring various financing options, we ensure a comprehensive range of choices to accommodate diverse customer preferences and requirements.

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Peace of mind with PEARL, a 3rd party certification for homeowners

Pioneering the appreciation of intelligent energy enhancements, The Solar Cowboys have teamed up with Pearl to ensure peace of mind for all your clients.

Through a comprehensive Pearl Report, we provide clarity on the efficiency and value of each homeowner's energy investment, by granting green door access to Pearl's certification platform not only boosts home value but also sets the new gold standard for resale.

That means added peace of mind, transparency, and comfort from the outset! While Pearl terms it "CERTIFICATION," at The Solar Cowboys, we call it KNOWLEDGE AND STRATEGY!

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Elevating Peace of Mind with the right Warranties


We prioritize providing warranties that truly make a difference. Partnering with leading warranty providers in the industry, we offer a diverse range of warranties designed to ensure peace of mind at every turn. 


Sunnova Protect:

Enjoy 25 years of unparalleled protection through the Sunnova Protect Platinum plan. This comprehensive coverage includes free maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and replacements for a quarter-century, even if the manufacturer's warranty has expired or doesn't cover the issue. 

Solar Insure:

With Solar Insure, we offer monitoring and warranty products tailored to meet your needs. From the popular 30-Year Monitoring and Warranty to the 20-Year Battery Monitoring and Warranty, we deliver the best protection installers can offer for both homeowners and commercial buildings.

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High approval rate with our funding options


We have the only government funded and approved subprime solar finance option from 600-650 credit Hestia Sunnova program.

We offer flexible and advantageous financial options designed to facilitate seamless transactions and maximize profitability for our partners. From competitive financing rates to favorable terms, our financial solutions are tailored to support your business objectives and drive growth. 


Offers ownership, PPA, and lease financing options. Ownership options available with Hestia at a 600 credit score. Accessory loans include HVAC, re-roof, and Enphase Batteries.


Requires a minimum credit score of 620, offering a maximum loan amount of $135K. No maximum PPW, income verification, or DTI check.


Requires a credit score of 630 or higher, with a maximum loan amount of $125K. Provides flexible financing options for solar projects.

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Equipment that produces what your clients need


We exclusively utilize top-quality equipment and technologies, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and longevity. By partnering with us, you gain access to cutting-edge products and solutions that are synonymous with excellence and innovation in the industry.

wepik-export-2024021418310859TtQ-cells Panels
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtEnphase micro-inverters
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtK2 racking system
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtTesla battery
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtEnphase battery
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find out why we are different at the solar cowboys

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Partner Up?

Complete the partner application and select a date and time for a comprehensive Q&A session to establish a solid foundational working relationship.

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Effortlessly onboard by completing a single form, then meet with our sales director to develop a tailored strategy aligned with your business model.

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Get the Show Rolling

Ramp up quickly to get deals in and have Weekly meetings discuss pipeline management, technical training, and strategies for continued success.

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Bottom Line:

By choosing to partner with us, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of benefits, including:

wepik-export-2024021418310859TtEfficient installation times
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtTransparent communication
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtRobust software management
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtOngoing training and support
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtCompetitive pricing
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtDiverse homeowner options
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtReputable certifications
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtFavorable financial solutions
wepik-export-2024021418310859TtTop-quality equipment

We are committed to your success and are dedicated to fostering a mutually beneficial partnership built on trust, integrity, and excellence. Let's achieve greatness together.

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I guess what we are trying to say is, if your looking for a EPC led by master electricians you should lasso that blue button and ride the sun with us 

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